Our Dance

She runs into the kitchen

Looks at the invitation on the refrigerator door.

Today is the Father – Daughter Dance

The night she has been waiting for.

She wonders if he knows

This is her favorite night of the year.

Tonight it’s just she and her daddy

It is a day she holds so dear.

He walks into the kitchen

His coffee in his hand.

Tonight he gets to dance with his daughter

A special treat for any man.

He wonders if she still loves this night

Like she like she did way back when.

He wonders if she knows he wishes

This night would never end.

She went and bought  a brand new dress

A pair of shoes was also on her list.

Mommy will fix her hair real nice

And place a flower on her wrist.

He’ll take that suit out of his closet

It’s not new but barely worn.

He only wears it on special occasions

Like the night when she was born.

She’ll walk onto the dance floor

Her daddy following close behind.

She’ll try to dance as well as mommy

By not stepping on his toes this time.

He follows her onto the dance floor

She’s not that tiny little girl she used to be.

Oh how he wish he could go back to the time

When she used to dance upon his feet.

She moves with her daddy to the music

He’s a good dancer but that’s no surprise.

She wonders if he knows

He’ll always be a hero in her eyes.

These are the moments he lives for

He knows too soon they will be gone.

But the night he danced with his daughter

Will be a memory that will forever live on.

Tonight is their special night

They both know it without saying a word.

Tonight exists just the two of them

Dancing in each other’s world.

Dedicated to every dad who has ever danced with his little girl.


Mike Miller

January 31, 2011

In memory of my little girl.  I will always remember our dance.

“Hugs and Kisses”